Solidarity and Resistance

The Union syndicale Solidaires expresses its deep sorrow and solidarity with all the victims of the attacks that shook Paris and Saint Denis last night with their families, their colleagues, their friends are.

It salutes the courage of all the people, civil servants, public servants, members of civil security who intervened and brought relief.

The trade union movement is an instrument of democracy and collective struggle for a society of equality, social justice and peace. Our struggle against fascism and all for social attacks is important after such horror.

The Solidarity Trade Union will participate in the expression of solidarity with the victims. It remains attentive to changes in the situation and will make a front with all social movements to resist the trap of terror but also remain vigilant to any restriction of civil liberties in a national and international context that has only worsened since the attacks of January.

We reject any stigmatization on a part of the population due to its origin or religion, all religious intolerance, and we will continue to fight attitudes or policies that go in this direction.

Real solutions for peace and social justice are needed.

Paris, November 14, 2015